King David The Man

King David was the second king of ancient Israelites. He reigned over a large portion of the Middle East about 3,000 years ago, and is as popular today as he was millenniums ago.

But what do we actually know about this great king? We know that he was a handsome redhead. We know that he was the best violinist in the land in those days. And we know that he was a ladies' man, a poet, and a brave warrior. Yes, quite the redhead, wasn't he?

Shaul (King Saul) was the first king of ancient Israelites, and when he died, David stepped into his shoes. But even prior to Shaul's death, David had gained himself nationwide reputation. After arriving at the palace to be Shaul's violinist, he had become a lover to Shaul's daughter, and a best friend to Shaul's son. Yet it was only when he killed the massive Philistine warrior Goliath in a spectacular dual that he truly hit eternal stardom.

During this ancient dual, David entered the battlefield holding a shield engraved with a hexagram. Since then, the hexagram is widely known as the Star of David.

To create the Star of David yourself, first draw an upward-facing equilateral triangle. Then draw a second downward-facing equilateral triangle, and place it on top of the first triangle, slightly lower. The two interlacing triangles actually form 6 smaller equilateral triangles around the hexagonal core.

Now you know what a Star of David is, how it is drawn by kings and simple folk alike, and why it is named after a sassy redhead.

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